Yuki Nishimuri

Yuki Nishimura

Yuki Nishimura is a Japanese illustrator and concept artist based in London. She first worked at Kong on an exciting pitch for a sustainable clothing brand.

It was Yuki’s distinctive neon and self named ‘psychedelic festive fusion of nature and artificial structures” that appealed to Kong for the pitch. It’s a shame we can’t yet share the amazing work Yuki produced. In the meantime, you can learn more about Yuki’s background and influences in our Kong Troop interview below:

How did you get to where you are? 

“I have been drawing throughout my life. I started off drawing pencils growing out of my mum’s hand as a 4 year old, got an obsession to draw a pumpkin hero and his mates at age 12, and after going through my teens drawing blood and distorted people, I found myself studying illustration and animation in BA and MA. 

After my studies, I explored many fields of art. First, I tried to become an animator as I was in love with the world of art animations, but realised my strength was not to animate but to illustrate. I became a freelance illustrator and drew for music, adverts, books and fashion and sometimes painted murals, which I loved. Once I was lucky to have my own booth at Tokyo Art Fair and experienced a pinch of the fine art industry too, but I was still a bit lost in who I was.

Seven years ago, I got the chance to work as a concept artist for the CG animation feature film in Shirogumi Inc. in Japan. I was so delighted to be able to work for animations again, and above all, fell in love with the world of concept art. I realised that my passion for coming up with ideas was as big as my love for drawing, and I finally felt like I had found the treasure map for my life. The map is so huge that even after more experiences in the VFX and live-action film industry, I’m still in the starting area, collecting apples and mushrooms.

Now just settled in the UK, I’m looking forward to expanding my journey as a concept artist, or I might be able to fuse my illustration essence in it, for the animation industry, or films, or possibly for games, who knows? I’m excited to see what comes next!”

What are you working on? 

“While looking out for work, I’m finishing up an illustration for my friends’ band’s LP. It’s an interesting and heartwarming project. They made an album for their dad who used to be a geologist in a Cornish tin mine, South Crofty, so I made a drawing of a cross section of the mine tunnels sprinkled with fantasy elements. 

Apart from that, I’m going to work on the artwork for my band Merry Christmas, that I sang and played keyboard in while I was in Japan. We just finished mixing our recordings, so I’m excited to work on the art and release the album this year! Also, I’m secretly hoping to make a graphic novel about this album.”

What are you looking at? 

“The picture book “The Rainbow Goblins” by Ul De Rico has been my lifelong friend and I have been looking at it while drawing the cross section above. There are so many films, animations and animes, comics and games that changed my life, but at the moment, I am into the graphic novels by Kerascoët. I’m on my bed writing this, wondering if I should read them or play Undertale on Nintendo Switch, with my cat who is hissing at me.”

See a selection of Yuki’s work below and check out more of her work at – yukinishimura.com

Zoetrope by Yuki Nishimura
“Bug Fungus Zoetrope” – Click image for more information.
Paper Moon comic book Yuki Nishimura
“Paper Moon Magazine” – Click image for more information
Yuki Nishimura Where the Wild Things Are
“Where the Wild Things Are” – Click on image for more information.


“Eek Neeka” – Click the image for more information.
“Eyjafjallajokull Eruptions” – Click the image for more information.


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