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Javier Castillo

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Javier Castillo is a highly talented illustrator and character designer that we had the pleasure of working with on our Dan TDM’s The Contest project.

Taking the role as our lead character designer, Javier designed and developed the Dan TDM’s E-Federation Tribe characters with Judit Boor. He ploughed through the high workload to hit the exceptionally tight schedule sharing one of Kong’s own values of going ‘above and beyond’. 

His personal portfolio is full of striking and symbolic details with wonderfully graphic and sometimes dark characters. He was able to adapt his style perfectly to fit Dan’s younger demographic. 

Also known as Stay KF, Javier is a self-taught 2d artist from Spain with experience in entertainment pre-production and apparel design. He has a strong interest in art and pop culture.

Check out Javier’s work on Instagram, Tumblr and connect with him on LinkedIn!


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