Who Are Kong?

Kong Studio was set up by Bill Elliot and Tom Baker. They met on the series Mr Bean where Bill was drawing storyboards and Tom was drawing backgrounds. Bill liked how Tom made his boards look so they decided to set up a studio.

Kong Studio create awesome animations for web, mobile & TV. We specialise in beautiful 2D drawn animations in an increasingly 3D world and we pride ourselves on our drawing ability, speed and capacity to impress. We are the vanguard of what we do and we can guarantee to give you something to get excited about for less than you think.


Do I really want an animation?


Aren’t animations for kids?

Yes, they can be. And they can also be a very good to communicate a complicated message in a more engaging way.

Isn’t animation expensive?

Nope. And it doesn’t date so you get value forever. Kids today still know who the Flintstones (animated) are but probably not ‘The Red Hand Gang’ (live action). Your safety video could be must-see viewing for decades.

So what sort of thing do you guys do?

At Kong we specialise in 2D drawn animation. We can do anything from an animated logo which might take an hour to a full series that could keep us in business for years.

We can do full animation, motion comics, or, everywhere in-between.  It can be serious adult and moving, or fun and eccentric. We can take care of an aspect of your project like the storyboarding, character design, backgrounds, or, animation, or, the whole thing.

We can even come up with the idea, write the script and sort out VFX & audio. So why not send us a quick email and see if we can help?