DanTDM – The Contest

“Rock & Pop is Dead. This is DanTDM!”

Our most epic project to date would have to be producing ten and a half minutes of motion comic animation and live interactive animation for YouTube sensation DanTDM’s immersive live gaming event – The Contest.

The show toured Wembley, Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow Arenas over a two-week period in Summer 2019.

Here is a cut-down trailer showing the Artikan, Arborean and Talonian tribes that feature in the show’s parallel universe theme.

For more information download our press release – HERE.

Watch the trailer for the cinema experience version of the show here:

Client :

DanTDM via Cut & Mustard

Credits :

Creative Director – Bill Elliott

Art Director – Tom Baker

Producer – Emma Burch

Lead Character Artist – Javier Castillo

Additional Character Designer : Judit Boor

Rob Smith

Historical Designer : Matt Oxborrow

Compositor : Johnathan Klhar

VJ Compositor : David Daniels