Sheilas’ Wheels – Animated About Insurance

We were recently tasked by social creative agency Hotwolf to design and animate a series of online videos for iconic insurance brand Sheilas’ Wheels. The latest in the series “Animated About Insurancedrives home the benefits of multi car policies for Sheilas’ Wheels customers… via two cars gossiping about next door’s latest model!

The brief was to make the series eye-catching and fun enough to be compelling, but not go so far as to undermine the key information or sometimes serious messages within the scripts (e.g. what to do after an accident, or tips for staying safe in extreme weather).

Jamie Lennox, Creative Director of Hotwolf says of developing the series:

“Sheilas’ Wheels wanted to get away from the standard reams of jargon-filled blurb on web-pages or mailouts, so the idea of an eye-catching, quirky animation series came up – bringing the fun and approachability of their brand personality to life. I’ve worked with Kong many times over the years, so knew immediately they were right for the job.”

Kong Co-Founder and Creative Director Tom Baker:

“Once we had established the balance of modern and retro styles, things clicked into place quickly. We were able to use elements everyone recognises as Sheilas’ Wheels – like the pink Cadillac – but still keeping the series sophisticated and not too silly-looking (with a nod to classic UPA works of the 50s, for those in the know). This was all helped immensely by the funny scripts, sound work and voiceover direction provided by Hotwolf.” 

And Sheilas’ Wheels have been tickled pink with the results…

Lead Customer Marketing Manager for Sheilas’ Wheels, Gabrielle Pennington:

“It can be challenging to keep insurance information engaging, let alone entertaining, but we’re thrilled with how the series has come together. From script to screen this has been a joy to work on, really helping us to bring our brand values to life. We’re proud to share the videos and look forward to making more.”

Created using a mix of Adobe Flash, Illustrator and After Effects and voiced by award-winning actress Chizzy Akudolu, the spots set a tongue-in-cheek tone that’s fun, bright and informative – perfectly in line with Sheilas’ Wheels’ brand characteristics.

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