Copyright - Emily Marshall -
Copyright – Emily Marshall –


Craft. Engagement. Quality. 

We’re passionate about our craft and taking ideas from script to screen. We engage audiences with compelling content that has heart, purpose and integrity. We’re experienced at producing high-quality work, efficiently, effectively and competitively priced. 
We work in a variety of styles, mediums and techniques to deliver our clients beautifully crafted animation and illustration across entertainment, branded content, online video, explainers, motion pictures, print and more.


We Draw Stories

There’s drawing and colouring in, and then there’s what we do.  We immerse ourselves in the details, to bring the stories to life.

Treat People Well

Always and under any circumstance. From our clients to our beloved team, we want everyone to enjoy working with us. Simple as that.

Above & Beyond

Clarity at every stage. Creativity in every frame. Thanks to our communication style, the only surprises are of the happy variety.

Make It Matter

We want our work to matter to audiences, because it matters to us. If it doesn’t matter, we’d rather not make it.


Founded by Bill Elliott and Tom Baker, Kong is a team of talented directors, animators, illustrators and scriptwriters. We are artists and storytellers.

Kong are the culmination of over 40 years combined knowledge and craft in the animation industry.

Happy Clients Include

Our Clients Say…