Epicor Launches Animated Brand Refresh

Kong Studio was commissioned by Together Design to bring their colourful and bold designs to life.

Kong Studio was tasked with animating the new logo, typography, and illustrated visuals for US software company Epicor. Together Design completely overhauled Epicor’s branding and wanted to reveal their new identity with finely crafted animations. The intention was for the explainer video motion graphics to be smart, responsive and, most of all, to make a big impact.

Kong also supplied the voice-over artist and background library music, both of which are tricky elements to nail for a corporate client. The final sound design was produced by our friends at Fonic – Audio Post Production.

The end short film combines photography and footage clips with graphic elements to support the narrative and introduce the new direction for the brand. Movement and transitions are smooth and effortless. The animated designs have an optimistic and bright feel. The occasional bounce and movement of the graphic designs add interest and energy to Together Design’s fresh and smart visuals.

Bill Elliott, animator and Kong co-founder, said –

“Having worked with Together Design before, it feels like a really exciting and developing relationship. By the time Kong was involved, Together Design had dissected, understood, and designed to their client’s brief and message. It makes Kong’s involvement particularly clear and concise.

The Epicor project came storyboarded and designed (and beautifully so!). On most projects, we would take control of the storytelling process. However, when working with a design agency of Together Design’s caliber, there is a liberation in being solely focused on making the animation (and thus film) move and communicate as beautifully as possible. “

Jodie Wightman, Creative Director at Together Designs, told us –

We worked with Kong to produce a brand launch film for Epicor. It needed to tell their brand story, convey the restructure of their offer, as well as reveal the new brand identity in a succinct and exciting way.

Kong was a great partner, working seamlessly and collaboratively with our storyboards and design assets. They quickly grasped the Epicor visual identity and how we could bring it to life and enhance it through motion.

They also managed the voice-over and music editing brilliantly. This was an important factor for the client who saw these as integral to building anticipation about the new chapter for the business. The right balance needed to be struck between confident and approachable. Epicor was delighted with the final film as are we.

Client Credits:

Commissioned by Together Design on behalf of Epicor.

Creative Direction: Jodie Wightman at Together Design

Design: Sophie Niman at Together Design

Agency Producers: Pippa Russell & Zoe Gordon

Kong Credits:

Motion Design: Michal Filip, Andriana Laskari, Tom Baker, and Bill Elliott

Voice Over by Estefania Hageman

Music: Building a Story, by Evan MacDonald

Sound Design:  Fonic Post Production

Animation Producer: Emma Burch